Category: Gas-Massflow-Sensors
Manufacturer: Siargo
Measuring range: 0.01 ~ 1 Sl/min
Temp. range: 0~50 C°
Pressure range: 0~4 bar
Pressure drop: -
Power supply: 3.6 VDC Litium-Ion accumulator
Input signal: -
Output signal: Display
Process connection: one touch pipe connectors: Ø 4 mm
Special features:
  • HMF2000Portable gas mass flow meter with rechargeable battery for service tasks
  • Fast multigas setting (Air, N2, Ar, H2, He)
  • Standard measuring range: 0 ~ 1000 sccm
  • Large Display with actual flow rate, accumulated flow, battery status, and logging of actual flow rate
  • Split-Gas-Ratio function for easy setting of gas chromatograph carrier gases
  • Compact, Portable and robust design in IP40
Media: Gases: Air, N2, Ar, H2, He
Accuracy: ±(2.0 oR + 0.5 FS) %
Repeatability: 0,5 % oR
Response time: 8 ms
Turn-Down-Ratio: > 100:1
Display: 0


The HMF2000 handheld mass flow meter is designed for onsite measurement for gas flow rate with multiple gas options and large dynamic range (100:1, 8 ms). The product is particularly suitable for applications in instrumentation and inline gas monitor where the multiple gas measurements especially the low flow rate measurement is required. HMF2000 is available in standard with following measuring range:
  • 0 ~ 1000 sccm
The large LCD-Display allows an easy gas selection via push bottoms (Air, N2, Ar, H2, He) and shows the actual and accumulated flow as well as a logged value or the battery status. The split ratio function is ideal for the setting the carrier gas ratio of a gas chromatographes. The robust, small (47×160×33 mm), light weight (200 g) housing  is manufactured in IP40. The Ø 4mm push-in connector allows quick connection of standard piping.