Category: Gas-Massflow-Sensors
Manufacturer: Siargo
Measuring range: 0.15 ~ 800 Sl/min
Temp. range: -20~65 C°
Pressure range: 0~15 bar
Pressure drop: MF5006: 34 mbar; MF5008: 42 mbar; MF5012: 28 mbar; MF5019: 25 mbar (@Qmax.);
Power supply: 12 -24 VDC (50 mA)
Input signal: -
Output signal: 4~20mA; RS485; Pulse
Process connection: NPT (male), BSPT (on request)
Special features:
  • Highly sensitive: 0.01 to 65 m/sec with a single assembly
  • Display: Instant and accumulated flow rate
  • Internal Datalogger for flow rate data
  • Directly sense mass flow using thermal mass flow principle
  • Standard 12 ~ 24 Vdc power supply
  • Low pressure loss for reducing energy cost
  • Industrial standard Modbus protocol for easy networking and remote control
Media: Gases: Air, CO2, N2, O2, Ar, He, H2 (special gas calibration in request)
Accuracy: ±(1.5 oR+0.5 FS)%
Repeatability: 0,5 % oR
Response time:
Turn-Down-Ratio: 100:1
Display: 0


The MF5000 series Gas Massflowmeters are available in five package sizes and cover a wide range of flow rates with small pressure lost (SLPM relates to Standardliter per Minute: 1013,25 mbar, 20°C):
  • MF5003 (DN3, 1/8" NPT, 0.15 bis 15 SLPM)
  • MF5006 (DN6, 1/4" NPT, 0.5 bis 50 SLPM)
  • MF5008 (DN8, 3/8" NPT,1.2 bis 120SLPM)
  • MF5012 (DN12, 1/2" NPT;  3 bis 300 SLPM)
  • MF5019 (DN19, 3/4" NPT;  8 bis 800 SLPM)
An optional LCD Display shows the actual and the accumulated flow rate. The flow channel is made of SUS304 stainless steel and allows a max. working pressure of 15 barg. The 12~24 VDC power supply and several analog and digital output options 4~20mA; B-RS485; D-pulse enable easy implementation in laboratory and industrial processes. The sensor is manufactured using Siargo's unique MEMS process that ensures high reliability. The sensors can measure air flow as low as 0.01 m/sec and as high as 75m/sec so that a wide range of custom calibrations are available on request. Depending on the applications, the sensors can be used to measure mass flow, volume flow or media flow speed. The specially designed circuit provides amplification as well as small signal processing capability that yields a high accuracy. Siargo's flow sensors utilize the same thermal mass flow technology using energy balance design. But unlike the other MEMS flow sensing technologies, Siargo's flow sensors have multiple sensors integrated on a single silicon chip. The surface of the chip is passivated by ceramic materials with high thermal conductivity to ensure the sensor's sensitivity. It also enhances the reliability by avoiding the direct contact among the sensors and the flow media.