Category: Gas-Massflow-Sensors
Manufacturer: Siargo
Measuring range: 0.33 ~ 200 Sl/min
Temp. range: -10~55 C°
Pressure range: 0~8 bar
Pressure drop: MF5706: <6 mbar; MF5712:<20 mbar
Power supply: 4 AA Batteries: LR6 / 5 ~ 10 VDC (with 220 VAC power adapter)
Input signal: -
Output signal: RS485 Modbus (Optional), Mini USB, Alarm
Process connection: MF5706: 1/4" NPT(M), MF5712: 1/2" NPT(M)
Special features:
  • Highly accurate thermal mass flow sensing
  • Automatic temperature and pressure compensation
  • High sensitivity for trace flow measurement
  • Excellent turndown of 50:1 or over
  • Support multiple gas measurements and customizable online calibration
  • Instant flow rate and accumulated flow rate with temperature sensing
  • Remote communication with RS485 Modbus
  • Meter configuration and data access with front keyboard
  • Customer configurable alarm for over range or limit
  • Portability design with options of battery operation or external power
  • Rotatable meter head with standard NPT or customizable connectors
Media: Gases: Air, CO2, N2, O2, Ar (other gases on request)
Accuracy: ±(2.0 oR +0.5 FS)%
Repeatability: ±0.5 % FS
Response time: < 2 sec
Turn-Down-Ratio: 30:1
Display: 0


The MF5700 Series Gas Massflow Meters are equipped with an internal battery powered supply with an additional multi voltage power adapter for external power supply. Due to the double power supply the flow meters provide a high level of security and fail safety in case the external power supply fails.  The four AA batteries (LR6) allow 2 months of battery operation showing steadily the battery status also warning on low battery power. The MF5700-Series are available in two sizes with three flow ranges:
  •         MF5706: DN6, 1/4 NPT(M), 0.3~10 SLPM or 0.8~30 SLPM
  •         MF5712: DN12, 1/2 NPT(M), 6.6~200 SLPM
The LCD-Display shows:
  • The current ambient temperature
  • The flow meter address during remote communication is on
  • The battery status
  • The total and accumulated flow: NCM or SL (Cond. 1013,25 mbar, 20°C)
  • The instant flow rate: SLPM or NCMH (Cond. 1013,25 mbar, 20°C)
In the password protected area (FUNction) a maximum total gas volume can be programmed to receive an acoustic and visible alarm when this gas amount is reached. The total accumulated amount can be reset to zero and a zero adjustment be performed. The optional RS485 Modbus Interface allows remote control / access and integration of the flow meter within networks with its individual address.