Category: Gas-Massflow-Sensors
Manufacturer: Siargo
Measuring range: 0.25 ~ 160 Sm3/h
Temp. range: -10~55 C°
Pressure range: 0~5 bar
Pressure drop: max. 3 mbar (MFGD)
Power supply: Battery: 2 x (3,6 VDC LI-Ionen 19 Ah)
Input signal: -
Output signal: RS485; Puls (0~5 V)
Process connection: NPT (male), BSPT (male), Flange
Special features:
  • Wide dynamic range: 0.25~160 Sm3/h (4.2~2667 Sl/min)
  • Extreme low pressure drop: max. 3 mbar (MFGD)
  • Pressure and temperature compensated gas massflow measurement
  • Battery powered standalone unit with long battery life time
  • Robust housing for industrial use
  • Big LCD display: actual flow rate, accumulated flow rate and battery status
  • Very short straight inlet pipe length due to special pipe design
  • Analog output and Modbus communication for remote data logging or networking
  • EX-Schutz: Ex ia IIC T4 (NEPSI) - ...European ATEX in preparation
Media: Gases: Air, CO2, N2, O2, Ar, (CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10)
Accuracy: ±(1.5% oR + 0.5% FS)
Repeatability: ± 0.5% oR
Response time: 1000 ms
Turn-Down-Ratio: MFGD: 100:1
Display: 1


The MF-GD thermal Gas Massflowmeters are designed for direct gas massflow measurement without the need of pressure or temperature compensation. To expand the range of gases and applications the ATEX approval in accordance with directive 94/9/EG is in preparation. Die MF-GD series flowmeter is available in four pipe diameters and with different standard calibrations (Sm3/h condition 1013,25 mbar, 20°C): MFG-D: internal battery power supply (3.6 VDC Li-Ion battery)
  • MF32GD: DN32 (1 1/4"): 0.25 ~ 10 Sm3/h or 16 Sm3/h or 25 Sm3/h
  • MF50GD: DN50 (2"):       0.65 ~ 40 Sm3/h or 65 Sm3/h
  • MF65GD: DN65 (2 1/2"): 1.0 ~ 100 Sm3/h
  • MF80GD: DN80 (3"):       1.6 ~ 160 Sm3/h
The special venturi designed flow pipe, inlet flow conditioners and the boundary layer technology with an time-averaged velocity profile across the sensor allow to reduce the straight inlet pipe length to 5xD and lead into lowest pressure drop of 1.5-3.0 mbar. The meters have industrial standard RS485 Modbus communication interface that is ready for remote data logging or networking. The enhanced data safety is realized via the storage designed in the control circuitry that allows the user to program the records of the flow status that can be transmitted via the network or downloaded with a handheld or personal computer with the
manufacturer provided software. The meters are best for clean and dry gas flow measurement in gas mass flow applications. Other gases such as water gas with excessive moisture may cause instability due to water condensation. The MFG can safe daily over 2000 data sets:
  • For the flow rate and the accumulated flow rate (1000 data sets) the time interval can be set from 3 to 240 minutes. The data sets include the time [hh:mm] and the date []
  • Further 1000 data sets are reserved for recording max. alarm flow (over flow limit), interruption of the power supply or sensor failure e.g. due to condensing humidity.