Category: Gas-Massflow-Sensors
Manufacturer: Siargo
Measuring range: 30 ~ 6000 mln/min
Temp. range: 0~55 C°
Pressure range: 0~5 bar
Pressure drop: -
Power supply: 8 - 24 VDC
Input signal: -
Output signal: Analog: 0,5 - 4,5 VDC (linear), Digital: I2C
Process connection: FS8003: Rc 1/8" (female, Inlet); M5 (female, Outlet))
Special features:
  • Perfect and flexible communication: Linear analog output and digital I2C
  • Easy integration: Small size, light weight
  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity - detection of lowest flow rates
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fast response time: 5 ms
  • Ideal for Pick & Place control of smallest parts
Media: Gases: Air, N2
Accuracy: ±(2.0 oR +0.5 FS)%
Repeatability: ±0.5 % FS
Response time: 5 ms (1 ms possible)
Turn-Down-Ratio: 100:1
Display: 0


The compact light-weight FS8003-Series Gas-Massflow Sensors are designed for fast response (5 ms) Gas flow measurement of smaller flow rates. At present there is one flow range available, but with a quanitity of 100 pcs. we can realise custom calibration:
  • FS8003: 0 ~ 6000 mln/min (Ref. 1013,25 mbar, 20°C)
  • {FS8003: 0 ~ 3000 mln/min (Ref. 1013,25 mbar, 20°C)}
Due to the compact design and the light weight the FS8000 can be easily implemented in portable gasdetectors, air samplers or gas analysers. They are also used to monitor the filter load or the proper functionality of micro-nozzles (clogging) in SMD pick and place applications. The standard digital I2C-Interface and analog output enable easy integration in SMD pick and place machine heads to control in real time the proper pick & place process of electronic and optical components. The preventive detection of nozzle clogging of the SMD vacuum grippers will safe time and money and bring added value to manufacturers.