Category: Gas-Massflow-Sensors
Manufacturer: Siargo
Measuring range: 0 ~ 15 m/s
Temp. range: -10~70 C°
Pressure range: 0~5 bar
Pressure drop: very low
Power supply: 5 ± 5% VDC
Input signal: -
Output signal: 0,2(0,8) - 2,5 (3,3) VDC (non linear)
Process connection: 2 x M2 thread bores for wall mounting
Special features:
  • Flow speed (Air): 0 ~ 5 m/s, 0 ~ 10 m/s,  0 ~ 15 m/s (faster on request)
  • Your security - Fast response time (20 ms)
  • Highest sensitivity for lowest flow rates
  • Cost effective for price sensitive OEM applications
  • Highly reliable low cost flow sensor
  • Excellent integration  - smallest design (7,3 mm x 22 mm x 25 mm)
  • Custom calibration for high volume applications possible
Media: Gases: Air, N2
Accuracy: -
Repeatability: FS7002-B: ±3% FS; FS7002-C: ±2% FS
Response time: 20 ms
Turn-Down-Ratio: 20:1
Display: 0


The FS7002L mass flow/clog sensors are designed and manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor and package technology. The sensors with a fast response time of 20 msec are specially designed to measure the air flow speed in an open environment or inside pipes and channels. The ideal candidat to measure the air flow speed behind air filters to monitor its condition and load. The sensors are available in 2 flow ranges:
  • FS7002-B: 0 ~ 5 m/s (related to air speed at 20°C, 1013,25 mbar)
  • FS7002-C: 0 ~ 10 m/s (related to air speed at 20°C, 1013,25 mbar)
  • FS7002-D: 0 ~ 15 m/s (related to air speed at 20°C, 1013,25 mbar)
The air flow is conditioned through a special venturo channel to provide the laminar air flow for accurate measurement. The compact, thermal stable PC-packaging allows an easy integration in various air pathways. Typical applications are air filter or fan monitoring in LCD projectors, air freshers or industrial chillers. The FS7002 requires a power supply of 5 Vdc (±5 %) and provides an analog output of 0.5 ~ 2.9 Vdc (typical) corresponding to the flow speed from 0 to full scale.